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Hlöðuvík emergency shelter

The emergency shelter in Hlöðuvík.


The Beach at Hlöðuvík

Almenningaskarð mountain pass

The objective for this morning, Almenningaskarð mountain pass (in the background)



Kjaransvíkura river

The bridge on the Kjaransvíkura river.You can go to Hesteyri by following the river from there

Kjalará waterfall

Waterfall on Kjalará river.

Almenningar vestri

The Lost Valley of Almenningar vestri.

þorleifsskarð pass

Up to the þorleifsskarð pass between rocks and ice.

þorleifsskarð pass

Rocks ...

Fljótsvatn lake

View from the pass to the Fljótsvatn lake.

Fljótsvatn lake

Reida river

Below, fording on the Reida river, torrent altitude atmosphere in the Alps !

Glúmsstaðafoss waterfall

Glúmsstaðafoss waterfall.


Kögur in the background, there is a campsite at its base

Bivouac Tungudalur

The bivouac tonight in Tungudalur, on the heights of Fljótavík. The most beautiful one of the trip.


The view on Fljótavík


Day 6 : Fljótavik - Látravik

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